Statement from MPP Michael Tibollo on Small Business Week

Published on October 29, 2019

Woodbridge— Today, Michael Tibollo MPP for Vaughan-Woodbridge issued the following statement to recognize Small Business Week:

“Small businesses play a vital role in the success of Ontario. I want to thank hard-working small business owners for their contribution to our province. It is Small Business Week, and I encourage our community in Vaughan-Woodbridge to look around and see the many ways our small businesses support our local economy.

In 2018, Ontario businesses employed over 6.1 million people. Just think of the all the families and communities that benefitted from a paycheque thanks to small business owners. As of January 2019, there were approximately 418,000 small businesses in Ontario, comprising 97.7 per cent of all businesses in the province.

We want our small businesses to succeed. That’s why we’re creating a business climate where innovative start-ups, entrepreneurs and family businesses can thrive, create good jobs, boost our economy and provide opportunities for hardworking families. They are the backbone of Ontario’s economy and that of our community here in Vaughan-Woodbridge.

In April, we passed the Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act, designed to help businesses grow by reducing regulatory burdens in 12 sectors, including agriculture, construction, manufacturing and auto. All together, in the past 16 months, we’ve taken more than 100 actions to modernize and streamline regulations, end overlap with the federal government and municipalities, update or revoke old or out of date requirements, and simplify complicated rules.

Our government understands that cutting red tape is a top concern for all business owners. That’s why reducing their regulatory burden is one of our most important priorities. We’ve seen how these unnecessary burdens on businesses, big and small, can hold back investment and job creation. As we maintain important regulations that keep us safe and healthy, that keep workers safe and safeguard the environment, we’re determined to get rid of every piece of red tape that makes business-owners spend time and money on rules that don’t achieve those goals. Smarter regulation is not at odds with protecting public health and safety. When operating properly, the two go hand in hand.
We are committed to making Ontario open for business and open for jobs so that Ontario remains open to investment, trade and new opportunities. We know that there is still work to do. The regulatory knot that was stifling our small businesses wasn’t tied overnight. Untying it carefully and effectively will take time and persistence.

But we are determined to create a business climate those of all shapes and sizes can create good jobs, boost our economy and continue to be the lifeblood of our communities and the backbone of Ontario’s economy.
Every day we are working hard to create the right conditions so our vibrant small businesses can thrive and make Ontario the best place to invest, work, live and succeed.

There’s too much at stake for hardworking families, job-creating small businesses, and Ontario’s bottom-line for us to not get this right.
And we will get the job done for the people of Ontario and for our community in Vaughan-Woodbridge.”