Ontario’s Government for the People Protecting the OHL

Published on November 19, 2018

Province Cutting Unnecessary Red Tape for Ontario Hockey League

Vaughan-Woodbridge—Ontario’s Government for the People is ensuring the ongoing success of student athletics. Onerous regulations could jeopardize the future of many teams in the Ontario Hockey League. By cutting red tape and excluding the OHL from unnecessary and impractical employment legislation, Ontario is protecting the long-term sustainability of local junior hockey teams. 

“Hockey is central to so many childhoods, so many great family moments, part of all our communities,” said Ford. “Our government is proud to take action and cut red tape to provide clarity and help make sure the OHL is able to continue training players and showcase this great sport.”

By excluding OHL players from the Employment Standards Act, owners and operators of OHL franchises will have a level playing field with owners of major junior hockey teams in other provinces, including British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec. Teams will be able to continue to help players develop their hockey skills at an elite level and provide comprehensive educational supports during and after a player’s OHL career. OHL players will still be protected by legislation such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Our government for the people is committed to ensuring a level playing field for teams in our province by cutting unnecessary red tape that is threatening the future of the OHL said Michael Tibollo MPP Vaughan-Woodbridge

“Amateur hockey is part of Canadian life,” said Ford, “and we’re ensuring it stays that way.”