Michael Tibollo MPP Vaughan-Woodbridge Promotes Waste Reduction Week

Published on October 29, 2019

Woodbridge– On Monday, the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, Jeff Yurek, released a statement to mark the start of Waste Reduction Week in Canada and highlighted the government’s commitment to protecting and preserving Ontario’s land, air and waterways.
Waste Reduction Week, from October 21-27, is a themed week focused on waste reduction and resource efficiency. It strives to engage and educate Canadians about new and innovative ideas and solutions and encourages adopting more environmentally conscious choices daily.
Minister Yurek stated that the week was an opportunity to celebrate Ontario’s environmental efforts and encourage innovative ideas and solutions, by helping us all to think in a more environmentally conscious way.

“Throughout this week, our government will be sharing helpful waste reduction tips and resources, as well as updates on the important steps we are taking to address the issue of waste and litter,” said Yurek. “I encourage everyone to participate in waste reduction efforts, from cleaning up our communities, to donating used clothes, properly sorting recycling, to packing a waste-free lunch, we can all play a part in protecting our environment, because as we know, true environmentalism starts with meaningful action close to home.”
MPP Tibollo echoed the importance of Waste Reduction Week as a way to promote meaningful, local environmentalism: “Our government is committed to protecting the Ontario we know and love and ensuring that its pristine beauty and strong communities can be enjoyed now and, in the future, as per our Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan.”

As outlined in the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan, the Ontario government will help make waste reduction and recycling easier for the people of Ontario and encourage meaningful local environment actions through initiatives such as a new province wide day of action on litter.