Candidates who put their names on the ballot

Published on November 02, 2018

Today, I commend every candidate who put their names on the ballot and their neck on the line in the October 22nd election, to stand up and ask the citizens of our great community to give them a chance to serve as an elected representative.

For any candidate, this is a decision which ensures weeks and months of grinding, challenging campaign work. For those who are successfully elected, it will mean years of difficult, important work done on behalf of deserving, hard-working constituents.

I myself benefitted by growing up in a community, a province and a nation served by politicians of fortitude and integrity. The society these great men and women helped build provided me, and my family, and millions of other people a safe and prosperous place to grow and learn and work and raise a family of my own.

I will be forever grateful to them.

While I cannot predict the future, it is my strong hope that each of the candidates who were successful in the October municipal elections will walk in the footsteps of the dedicated public servants who came before them.

I wish all of the newly-elected representatives in York Region and in Vaughan Woodbridge a rewarding and fulfilling experience in true democracy and our electoral process, which is respected around the globe.



The Honourable Michael Tibollo

MPP Vaughan-Woodbridge

Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services