Calling all Shoppers – it’s time to vote for your favourite Ontario greenhouse vegetable grocery store display

Published on May 31, 2019

Woodbridge- The Ontario government wants consumers to have their say in choosing the 2019 Consumers’ Choice Award for [commodity] locally grown food displays created by local grocery stores across the province. Congratulations to our own grocery store name and location] for creating one of the top three Ontario greenhouse vegetable displays. Show your civic pride for our local store and vote today.

Michael Tibollo, MPP for Vaughan-Woodbridge, congratulated Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ernie Hardeman, on this new award to allow people to recognize local stores promoting Ontario food. The Foodland Ontario Retailer Awards are the produce industry’s premier competition to encourage excellence in grocery store displays and promotion of local Ontario foods. This year, for the first time ever, consumers can choose who they believe created the best display.

Consumers can vote by following Foodland Ontario on Instagram or Facebook and “liking” one of the top three grocery store displays. There are six contests in all, running from May until November, and consumers can vote in each one. The Ontario greenhouse vegetable display that receives the most “likes” or votes will receive the “Consumers’ Choice” award.

“We are celebrating Ontario’s great local food by inviting everyone to vote for their favourite display – whether it’s in your local grocery store, or elsewhere across the province, you get to choose which display best showcases Ontario’s fresh produce,” said Ernie Hardeman, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. “This is a fun and unique way for consumers to show their support for the creativity each grocery store puts into their displays of the good things that grow in Ontario.”

“I am delighted that this initiative is taking place.” remarked Michael Tibollo MPP Vaughan-Woodbridge. “ I know the stores in our community always do an excellent job in this regard and I look forward to hearing of the results of the process”.

Quick Facts

• For more than 40 years, Foodland Ontario has connected with families on how to recognize, prepare and enjoy locally grown foods.

• For more information on the Consumers’ Choice Contest, please visit Foodland Ontario’s website.

• To know when all your local fruits and vegetables are in season, visit Foodland Ontario’s Availability Guide.